About Priola





We are a Green Shop!


Priola Body Shop has been servicing the bay area for over 68 years! We pride ourselves in our history and experience that no one else can offer. Come visit us today. 

Priola Motors was started by Guido Marchelo (George) Priola in 1939 at 4885 Mission, San Francisco. Guido opened up Priola Body Shop across the street from his dealership at 4900 Mission in 1945.  

In 1967 Priola Body Shop was sold to Guido's son George Priola. To keep a family business remaining strong and vibrant George's son Rick joined the business in 1972. Priola relocated to 3730 Mission St, San Francisco in 1974 where it remained until 1988.

In 1988 Priola Body Shop moved for a brief two year stay in San Carlos until it found its current home in 1990 at  2107 Palm Ave in San Mateo. Rick Priola assumed control of the shop in 1996 from his father. Priola Body Shop remained under Rick Priola until July 2010. 

   June 2013:  Second location opened in San Carlos!